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By Dong Secuya
Thu, 02 May 2024

Mandaue City -- In a match between two undefeated fighters, it was Lorenz Dumam-ag who emerged as the victor over Ramel Macado Jr. after the smoke cleared at the Mandaue City Sports Complex Wednesday night. Dumam-ag sent Macado to the canvas three times en route to a stunning first-round knockout victory that silenced the sizable crowd rooting for Macado. Dumam-ag captured the WBO Oriental flyweight title in the process, his first major belt.

The lefty Macado, originally from Koronadal City but now lives in Cebu, started well by controlling the tempo of the fight and connecting with his one-two combos as Dumam-ag, hailing from Zamboanga City, tried to find his distance. At around the 2-minute mark of the round, a heavy exchange by both combatants ensued in the middle of the ring, where Macado connected with a heavy straight left that momentarily stunned Dumam-ag. However, Dumam-ag came right back, unleashing a combination that pushed Macado towards the ropes. Dumam-ag followed up with a flurry of punches upstairs, one of which was a hard right that connected squarely to Macado's temple, signaling the beginning of the end for Macado.

Another flurry by Dumam-ag dropped Macado to the canvas for the first time. Visibly hurt, Macado stood up to beat the count of veteran referee Danrex Tapdasan, only to receive another beating from Dumam-ag. This time, a left cross by Dumam-ag dropped Macado to the canvas for the second time. With unsteady legs and dropping his mouthpiece, the brave Macado willed himself to stand up and beat the count. Referee Tapdasan motioned Macado to move to his left and then to his right, which he was able to do, allowing him to continue to fight. Dumam-ag, sensing blood, poured it on once again at Macado, who at this time was only fighting out of instinct. A short, hard right to the face by Dumam-ag dropped Macado for the third time, senseless. The referee did not bother to count and waved off the contest. Time: 2:57 of the first round.

Macado remained flat on the floor for several minutes, being attended to by ring doctors to the anxiety of the Cebu crowd who were rooting for him. Fortunately, Macado eventually came back to his senses and was able to sit down.

At this point, Macado should not be counted out. It is one loss, his first, but he showed great promise and bravery. In boxing, one punch can change everything, so it was Macado's fate Wednesday tonight.

Dumam-ag, after the fight, quipped to reporters, "Now I've got a real belt." Adding to that is a huge boost of confidence having beaten an undefeated fighter on his own turf and most likely a world ranking in the flyweight division. Dumam-ag, who showed resilience in the face of adversity, will be a key player in the flyweight division.

Dumam-ag has improved his record to 10-0-1 with 5 knockouts while Macado is now 8-1-0, with 4 knockouts.

The WBO regional championship was supervised by WBO Vice-President Leon Panoncillo Jr. and the event dubbed as Engkwentro 13, was promoted by Kenneth Rontal's CBDP and ARQ Promotions with the hosting of the Mandaue City government of Mayor Jonas Cortez.

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