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Goricki scores two knockout victories in Venezuela
Tue, 14 May 2024

Arijan Goricki drops Albert Gonzalez.

Arijan Goricki vs. Albert Gonzalez - victory by knockout in the 3rd round
Arijan Goricki vs. Jean Carlos Vasquez - victory by technical knockout in the 3rd round

After a recent bout against a former world champion, Goricki decided to take on the challenge of two professional fights within a 14-day period against local boxers from Venezuela.

The first fight took place on May 2 in La Guairi, where Arijan Goricki faced the experienced boxer Albert Gonzalez, a former Venezuelan champion. Despite Gonzalez's strong start, Gorički showed exceptional determination and ended the fight with a knockout in the third round. Gorički shined, particularly in the second round when he caused a nose injury to his opponent, which marked a turning point in the match. Towards the end of the third round, a liver shot to the opponent resulted in Goricki's victory.

"Gonzalez was very loud before the fight, trying to intimidate me. I immediately realized he was doing that because he wasn't prepared, and I was right. At the beginning of the fight, Gonzalez dropped his hands and tried to relax me, but I remained steadfast in my style. Gonzalez had many fans in the audience cheering for him. After his nose started bleeding, mentally he collapsed, I think he was aware of where the fight was going and saw that as his way out. When I hit him in the liver and he fell to the floor, I believe he could have gotten up and continued, but that was his exit to avoid embarrassment in front of the home crowd," said Goricki.

The second fight took place on May 10 at Gimnasio Vertical El Dorado, Petare, where Goricki faced Jean Carlos Vasquez, who stepped in as a replacement for the original opponent. Gorički also triumphed by technical knockout in the third round. Vasquez's tactics involved irregular hits, which were not permitted under the rules. Gorički demonstrated his superiority and ended the fight as the winner.

Goricki drops Vazquez.

"I'm glad Vasquez accepted the fight on short notice. I knew he didn't belong in the ring with me because he hasn't fought at my level. It was a routine fight I had to get through. Now I move forward to pursue my dream," said Goricki.

In addition to his sporting achievements, Goricki shared his personal experience during his stay in Venezuela, emphasizing that this was outside his comfort zone and important for his further development as a world-class boxer. Gorički stated that he views recent losses as lessons that will help him achieve his boxing goals and that this marks just the beginning of his career.

"It was a new experience and stepping out of the comfort zone. I'm glad I saw firsthand how top boxers train and the conditions they live in. I want to be at the world level, so after my last fight, I decided I must go to the places where the best fighters in my category come from, and that's South America. I don't see my last 2 losses as defeats but as lessons that will help me reach the level I want to achieve since I started boxing. This is just the beginning of my career, just because I lost to a former world champion with steel hands doesn't mean my abilities are finished, this is just the beginning of my story," said Goricki.

Arijan Gorički remains committed to his journey to the top, aiming to achieve his dreams and continue building his story in the world of boxing.

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