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By Ed de la Vega, DDS
Thu, 22 Feb 2018


LOS ANGELES -- With three short days to go before the Superfly 2 extravaganza at the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, HBO and the promoters for this weekend’s huge fight card held the final Media Day to give the members of press the final time to find out more about the fighters.

Almost everyone came to the event. Conspicuously absent and missed by the Filipino media was Brian Viloria of Waipahu, Hawaii. Viloria meets an Eastern European fighter, Artem Dalakian for the WBA vacant flyweight title. Word is Viloria has personal errands to complete so he elected not to come to the media day.

It was the first time most members of the media who were there had the opportunity to meet Juan Carlos Reveco of Argentina. It was also the first time that Donnie Nietes caught a glimpse, albeit short, of his brash challenger from the land of Evita.

When it was time to focus on Reveco, many interesting facts came about. First, he was cognizant of the accomplishments of Donnie Nietes and he says the feathers in the hat of Nietes serves as an inducement for him to excel more. He is very aware that Nietes is the longest reigning continuous world-boxing champion in the Philippines, having held titles longer than Manny Pacquiao and even the great Flash Elorde.

But he also reminded the media that he too has a very good record plus the fact that he was a former champion as well and had fought many people with big resumes.

He said fighting for the first time in the US and the fact that the fight will be on a worldwide platform via HBO does not bother him at all. There is no pressure to him. Reveco insinuated that the pressure is on Nietes to keep his title, a statement this writer feels is erroneous and has no basis.

Reveco made other statements to the effect that he does not plan to lose and intends to bring the belt home to Argentina.

What caught the attention of the media, particularly those from the Pinoy group was the answer he gave to the request of this writer for him to greet the Pinoy fight fans.

Reveco paid a tongue in cheek tribute to Donnie Nietes stating that “the country has a great champion in Nietes until Saturday.”

Obviously the slapdash challenger from Argentina is a believer of himself. He is so sure that he will wrestle the belt from the great Donnie Nietes and be the new IBF Flyweight champion come Saturday night.

That is not entirely impossible because fights are sometimes hard to predict. But from the point of view of this writer, a victory by Reveco is far from happening. It will be a hard fought fight and he will be at the short end of the stick. I may be biased but I am not entirely new with the Nietes phenomenon either. I have been with Donnie Nietes in many of his big fights up close and personal including his many battles against excellent Mexican warriors. I have not seen Nietes this focused. I can literally see the fire and hunger in his eyes much like before he fought Mario Rodriguez at Guasave, Mexico inside a cockpit arena with tin roof and 100 degree inside temperature.

I am positive Nietes is not going to let this one get away without leaving everything on the ring.

The Reveco fight finally allowed him to put his foot in the door of huge boxing events. The fact that its on HBO and on the Superfly Series makes it more important.

This is the break Nietes had worked for all his life, the fight that will validate all the years of work he did toiling in the shadows of champions before him. This is the break through, so to speak and nothing is going to deny him of a victory.

Not even a challenger who is full of chutspah!

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