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Erislandy Lara vs. Terrell Gausha Media Workout Quotes
Thu, 12 Oct 2017

SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING Tripleheader Event Saturday, Oct. 14 from Barclays Center in Brooklyn & resented by Premier Boxing Champions

BROOKLYN (Oct. 11, 2017) Ė WBA Super Welterweight World Champion Erislandy ďThe American DreamĒ Lara and undefeated contender Terrell Gausha met with the New York media during a fight week open workout on Wednesday at Gleasonís Gym just days before they headline a Premier Boxing Champions event Saturday, Oct. 14 live on SHOWTIME from Barclays Center, the home of BROOKLYN BOXINGģ.

The night of 154-pound action on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING begins at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT with ďSwiftĒ Jarrett Hurd risking his IBF Junior Middleweight belt against former world champion Austin ďNo DoubtĒ Trout in the televised opener. In the co-feature, WBC Super Welterweight Champion Jermell ďIron ManĒ Charlo will defend against fellow unbeaten No. 1 contender Erickson ďHammerĒ Lubin.

Tickets to the event are on sale now and start at $50 (not including applicable fees). Tickets can be purchased at, or by calling 800-745-3000. Tickets can also be purchased at the American Express Box Office at Barclays Center. Group discounts are available by calling 844-BKLYN-GP.

Also on-hand Wednesday at Gleasonís were several of the top local undercard fighters who will be competing on the card.

Brooklynís Cindy Serrano will be making her Barclays Center debut in an eight-round special attraction bout. Brooklyn native 2016 Haitian Olympian Richardson Hitchins will fight in a four-round welterweight bout. Brooklynís Julian Sosa will enter the ring for a six-round welterweight attraction and George Arias of the Bronx will be fighting an eight-round heavyweight bout.

Hereís what the fighters had to say on Wednesday:


ďI know that Gausha is a young undefeated Olympian whoís coming to take my title. But I donít need to worry about him. Iíve got to worry about what Iím bringing into this fight.

ďI donít choose my fights, but Iím going to clean out the whole 154-pound division. There are a lot of young fighters now, but Iím going to just clean it out and show that Iím the best here. The Canelo rematch is there. The Golovkin fight is out there. I have unfinished business that has to be settled. Canelo knows who the true winner of our fight was, and he doesnít want to do that fight again.

ďThereís been a lot of catastrophes in the world lately in Houston, Puerto Rico and Florida. Iím fortunate that it only affected my training for three days so I was able to stay focused. I stayed at my house and I kept training.

ďI would love to move up to 160 and Canelo and Golovkin are the top guys. But 154 is much deeper. Those are the two guys we want, but if we canít get them then we have to stay at 154 and clean it out, like I said. There are just better fights at 154.

ďIf you look at Caneloís record there are three marks. Thereís Mayweather, me and Golovkin. Great fighters fix the wrongs on their record, and Canelo and his team will have to do that sooner or later.

ďI donít know what [Gausha] does well. I know on Saturday heís going to have to show me something or heíll be in trouble. After six rounds, I will be totally dominating. Just like Iíve done in all my fights.Ē


ďIím real confident that I walk away with the world title. Iím blessed as well as happy that [this fight] is happening. Itís been a long time coming. Hard work pays off.

ďI have an interesting fighting style, I really canít put my finger on it. I can make adjustments and I have that will to win, that hunger.

ď[Being a top amateur] gives me a lot of confidence because there are a lot of styles that Iíve dealt with. Thereís nothing that I havenít really seen before. Having that experience, going to the Olympics, having all those people watching me, the pressure Ė Iím made for the bright lights.

ď[Lara] has a lot of experience. Heís crafty. I havenít been in camp with the type of fighters heís been in there with. That pressure Ė I use it to my advantage. When I win, itís going to be a big notch for me to show that Iím at the top of my division.

ďHeís the champion so I know that he knows what heís up against. I feel like heís trained real well. Iím looking for the best Erislandy Lara come fight night because I trained hard and Iím ready.

ď[Moving up to 160] is definitely a possibility because Iím not a little 154-pounder. Itís taken a lot of sacrifices to make this weight but I did it right this time. Iím not struggling with the weight. First, Iím going to take care of 154.

ďBeing two-time National Champ, going to the Olympics, fighting overseas, the pressure that came with making the Olympic team just built me for this moment.

ďThis is not the first time that Iíve been the underdog. I know how to handle those situations. Itís not about what they think. Itís about what I know I can do. Of course theyíre going to think that [heís the favorite] because heís been in there with guys like Paul Williams and Canelo [Alvarez]. I just havenít had my chance to display my skills at that level yet, but Iím here now.

ďIíve had a lot of fights, I canít even count how many. Iíve been doing this since the age of 10. I look forward to these big fights. A lot of guys you fight donít have the name, but Erislandy Lara has the name and the credentials. Iím looking forward to beating him come Saturday night.Ē


ďItís always great to fight at Barclays Center, but itís just another arena and stepping stone for me.

ďThis fight is going to do a lot for boxing, and this fight does a lot for this 154-pound division. Thereís just so many positive things coming from this fight card, and hopefully everyone will come out and support it.

ďIím the champion of the world and Iím trying to get the fights that I want. Iíve been avoided and a lot of fighters have been ducking me. Thereís nothing we can do about that. This is a living for me, but itís also a hobby and something that I love.

ďI own a home in Houston and California. My area wasnít too jacked up [by the flooding]. And now youíve got the wildfires in California. My prayers go out to all those affected. But it has brought Houston together, and weíre getting support from the NFL and NBA guys. And boxing has come together to help too.

ďNone of the flooding affected my training camp because I train out of town. We had some trees knocked down, but thatís the least of my worries right now.

ďI think my fight is the one the people want to see [on the card]. My opponent is a young stud and he comes to win a world title. Is Lubin the best fighter Iíve faced? Iím 29-0 and Iíve fought a lot of great fighters. You canít talk about whatís on paper and whatís not.

ďMy style is unique in the ring and so is his. He has a high volume of punches, but thatís what we trained for. Heís expecting fireworks, Iím expecting explosions. So just donít be surprised.Ē


ďIn these types of situations, I feel like Iíve got to keep my composure. There are a lot of cameras, a lot of lights, but I was born to do this. Iím keeping my composure but Iím going to let it all out Saturday night.

ďWeíre both going to go in there fully prepared. Itís all about who wants it more. I feel like thereís nobody in this division who wants it more than me. Just because heís been sparring Errol Spence, that doesnít mean a thing.

ďAll my previous fights against the veterans and experienced fighters have prepared me for this one. I know how to adjust. I always come ready to fight. I always come with fireworks. Iím definitely going to get my respect early.

ďMy ability to adjust in the ring is definitely going to give [Charlo] problems. He probably thinks that Iím going to go in there and just box or maybe just bang. I can definitely mix it up and thatís going to give him a problem on Saturday night.

ď[Charlo] moves pretty well but I donít feel like thatís going to harm me. I trained for everything this camp. Iím ready to box. Iím ready to bang. Iím ready for any situation that he brings to me. Iím just ready to become the WBC Champion.Ē


ďI think this fight is more of a mind game than about physical strength.

ďThis is a display of the top 154-pounders in the world. I asked for this fight because in order to be the best you have to beat the best. I feel like Austin Trout, even with three losses, is the top competition. A win would mean everything. I want to show that Iím much better than the others heís fought.

ďThis is my second time fighting in New York and everyone always shows me the love here, so itís an honor.

ďIíve always rooted for Austin in his fights, but this is business now. Itís nothing personal, itís just that heís in the way right now.

ďIím the taller fighter, Iím the longer fighter, and Iím the strongest fighter. Iím also the younger fighter, so those advantages will definitely be the keys Saturday night.

ďHe uses his jab well and he throws a great left to the body. He uses the ring well and heís a veteran and he knows how to survive. Heís a crafty fighter, and knows how to win the rounds. But I donít think that will be a factor because we are expecting it.

ďIím coming to open the show and all the fans should expect fireworks.Ē


ďIím smarter than [Hurd], and Iím better than him. What else can he do? Heís no smarter or better than me. I have better footwork, better speed, better placement of shots. The only thing he has is his size, and he overpowers the smaller guys. But Iím not small. Iím just as strong, if not stronger than Hurd.

ďThe fans can expect fireworks until my man goes down. I donít think he can take my pressure for 10 or 12 rounds. I expect my arm to be raised in great fashion.

ďPeople have been overlooking me my whole career. Before I was just fighting to get noticed, then I got noticed. Now Iím fighting for respect. But Iím not worried about that.

ďIíve done more after winning the belt than heís done just getting the belt. No doubt Iím the best. Thereís just no doubt the cream will rise to the top Saturday night. Once I clean up at 154 pounds, thereís nowhere to go but north.

ďThereís been no talk about whatís next and if the winners [on Saturday] will fight the winners, but I donít see why not. My goal is to get a belt Saturday night, and then get the rest of them.Ē


ďThis is my first time fighting at Barclays and Iím honored to be fighting on such a prestigious stage.

ďIíve been fighting for 15 years and when I started there were no females fighting. But Iím impressed with some of the women fighters out here now. There are some young ones that I hope stay around for a while because there is incentive and the pay will be there. So Iíll just keep on going after it until my time is up.Ē


ďIíve seen a few of his fights online. Heís a traditional Mexican fighter, so he brings a lot of pressure and a lot of angled shots to the head, to the body and uses his uppercut. I havenít seen a lot of straight punches from him. Thatís more my style. Iím more of a counter-puncher, boxer-puncher. When Iím in the ring with him Iíll see what he has, as far as his speed and his power.

ďMy father was a former boxer and heís been training me since day one. Heís always been by my side and heís my role model and just so glad we get to share this moment together.

ďItís surreal that this is my fourth time fighting at Barclays Center. Itís still shocking and humbling knowing that I can fight in big venues like this.Ē


ďI know Iím young, but I think once I move up to six rounds my competition will step up. Itís a great card and I think Lara will win, and Lubin all the way. I see the Trout-Hurd fight as 50-50, but I would lean toward Hurd.

ďI donít know anything about my opponent. In the amateurs all you know is the city. Youíre fighting a guy from Philadelphia. Or a guy from Vegas. And how you fight is all based on where heís from. Like if you fight a guy from [California] then heís going to put on pressure. So Iíll be quick to adapt, and it doesnít really matter who the guy is or what he brings.

ďIím ready to start building my legacy.Ē


ďIíve put in the work and Iím hoping the results are the same from my last few fights. Iíll be ready to exchange and do what I need to do to get the win.

ďI know my opponent has a good jab and he has a lot of experience and heís strong. They could throw me in there with someone 0-70 and Iíd give the same intensity as someone undefeated. Every fighter I face is a world champion in my eyes.

ďI predict a second round knockout. Iím always looking for the knockout, at least early on.Ē

# # #

The Premier Boxing Champions event is headlined by Erislandy ďThe American DreamĒ Lara defending against undefeated Terrell Gausha in the main event of SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING. Coverage on SHOWTIME begins live at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT and features hard-hitting unbeaten champion Jermell ďIron ManĒ Charlo taking on top contender Erickson ďHammerĒ Lubin and ďSwiftĒ Jarrett Hurd making his first title defense against tough former world champion Austin ďNo DoubtĒ Trout.

For more information visit,, follow on Twitter @ShowtimeBoxing, @PremierBoxing, @LouDiBella, @TGBPromotions @BarclaysCenter and @Swanson_Comm or become a fan on Facebook at,,

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