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Is Floyd envious of Manny?

By Joaquin Henson
Fri, 30 Aug 2019

MP Promotions head Sean Gibbons is convinced that WBA welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao?s continuing crusade in the ring is ?eating up? Floyd Mayweather, Jr. whose legacy is now in question because he?s being overshadowed by the fighting Senator.

Gibbons said he was in the ring when Pacquiao and Mayweather locked eyes before the recent Keith Thurman fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. ?I found myself beside Floyd for a moment,? recalled Gibbons. ?He told me he could help to bring in sponsors for our MP events. But I told him the best thing is if he could be in the other corner opposite Manny in a rematch.?

Mayweather was at ringside to witness the fight then left before the announcement of the outcome was made. He obviously knew Pacquiao had won the decision. ?I don?t think Floyd wanted to hang around and be asked whether he?ll fight the Senator in a rematch,? said Gibbons. ?He didn?t want to be boxed in so that?s why I think he left. Floyd?s a control freak. He wants to be in control of situations. He doesn?t like being put in a spot.?

Gibbons said Pacquiao isn?t waiting for Mayweather to make up his mind whether or not to fight a rematch. ?We?re moving forward,? said Gibbons. ?There are a lot of fights out there for the Senator. If the Senator wins another big one, where does that leave Floyd? The Senator is still in the mainstream of big-time boxing while Floyd isn?t. Floyd?s 50-0 record means nothing compared to what the Senator?s doing right now. Besides, that No. 50 came in a win over (Conor) McGregor and I?m not sure if that counts as a real fight.?

Gibbons said questions remain unanswered from the 2015 fight where Mayweather beat Pacquiao on points in the biggest pay-per-view boxing bout ever. Pacquiao hurt his shoulder in the fourth round and fought with virtually one arm the rest of the way but still pushed Mayweather to the limit. Would Mayweather have won if Pacquiao hadn?t gotten hurt? What about the intravenous injection of saline and vitamins that Mayweather took the day before the fight? Mayweather received an exemption from the US Anti-Doping Agency for the injection three weeks after the bout in an improbable ruling while Pacquiao was denied a request on fight night to take a legal painkiller for his rotator cuff that was later torn and eventually operated on.

?It?s like the Senator?s attached to Floyd?s hip,? said Gibbons. ?Wherever the Senator goes, Floyd goes. Floyd can?t get rid of people asking if he?ll fight the Senator again. It?s up to Floyd. We?re waiting for a call. But we won?t sit around doing nothing. Shawn Porter and Errol Spence are fighting to unify their championships. Thurman wants a rematch. Danny or Mikey Garcia would be a good opponent. We?re not lacking in good opponents for the Senator.?

Gibbons said the Pacquiao-Thurman fight took in between 500,000 to 600,000 pay-per-view subscriptions. ?That?s a strong signal that the Senator?s still in demand,? he said. ?Credit to Thurman for going the distance. When he got hit in the body, I didn?t know he spat out his mouthpiece until I found out later the referee (Kenny Bayless) saw it on the canvas after the round. Thurman doubled up and ran just like he did in the (Luis) Collazo fight. I doubt if Thurman will be back in the ring this year. He?s enjoying the biggest payday of his life but at the expense of getting beaten up by the Senator.?

Gibbons said he?s relocated to Manila. ?I can?t be 15 hours away from the Senator,? he said. ?We?re putting up boxing cards, organizing world title fights for Filipino boxers and giving more Filipino fighters the opportunity to live their dreams. On Sept. 7, two Filipinos----Samuel Salva and Pedro Taduran----will fight for the vacant IBF minimumweight title with IBF president Daryl Peoples and IBF ratings committee chairman Anibal Miramontes in attendance. This wouldn?t be possible without the Senator?s support. It?s the dawn of a golden era in Philippine boxing.?

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